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Athens, Sparta, Greek Democracy: Regents Global 9 CRQ + Video Lessons

An educational teaching resource from Innovation Assessments LLC entitled Athens, Sparta, Greek Democracy: Regents Global 9 CRQ  + Video Lessons downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 9, 10

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About This Product

Regents Global 9 CRQ: Athens, Sparta, Greek Democracy + Video Lessons

This product is a constructed-response question (“CRQ”) in the format of the new New York State Regents examination in Global History and Geography. 

The CRQ calls upon the student to examine historical sources (I use exclusively primary sources) by providing historical or geographic context, identifying the point of view, intended audience, or purpose of a document and then using the two documents in either compare-contrast, cause-effect analysis, or turning point identification. I advocate a strategy of assigning one CRQ in each unit of study in grades nine and ten without access to notes. I used this as one of the tests at the end of a unit of study. I would tell students about what kinds of documents would appear and what historical context they should be able to recall in advance. It is a challenging task for them. 

The first challenge for novices is to understand what it means to provide context. Faced with the question “What is the historical context of this document?”, beginners will retell what the document says. The reason for this mistake is that, since they were little kids, teachers have asked them to relate what a text means to prove they understood it.  [Read more at the Innovation blog]

Product includes:

1. Student version

2. Teacher version with suggested answers

3. Passcode to video lessons students can use to prepare the task.


  1. Excerpt, Aristotle, Athenian Constitution

  2. Excerpt, Aristotle, Cleisthenes' Reforms

  3. Excerpt, Xenophon On Spartans

  4. Excerpt, Philochorus, on Ostracism

Passcode Lessons:

  • Overview of Ancient Greece, part 1

  • Overview of Ancient Greece, part 2

  • Alexander the Great and Hellenism

  • Greek Achievements

About Innovation Passcodes

Passcodes let your students access selected lessons in my own virtual classroom at No registration is required. Use the codes at

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