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Be A Warrior Not A Worrier Boom Cards

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Life Skills


Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Product Description:

Be A Warrior Not A Worrier Boom Cards is a unique and engaging teaching resource that focuses on helping students understand and manage their worries better. As educators, we acknowledge the emotional and psychological challenges our students go through, especially in these changing times. This product serves as a useful tool to address these needs effectively.

Geared towards Grades 4 to 8, this resource can be incorporated into various subjects under the broad umbrella of Special Resources, particularly Life Skills. Given its versatility, it has potential for use in varying scenarios—a classroom activity for whole group instruction or small group sessions, assigned as individual homework tasks or integrated into home school curricula that focus on character development and self-awareness.

S.H.I.E.L.D Strategy & Content Details:

  • This Boom Deck introduces learners to a trait-centred strategy known as S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • The resource comprises twenty task cards featuring interactive playing tasks along.
  • Included are six introductory lessons aimed at familiarizing students with combating their concerns proactively rather than succumbing to worry-filled thoughts.

Critical Information For Educators:

An active Internet connection is required to access Be A Warrior Not A Worrier Boom Cards which work seamlessly across modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari Firefox and Edge. Apps also exist for accessibility via Android devices, iPhones iPads Kindle Fires etc.

All adults—including teachers parents tutors—are required have their own free account on Boom Learning platform for added security. Long-term assignments requiring student progress reports will need premium level accounts - details can be found at the official website linked within provided PDF file—note: this does include clickable image leading directly appropriate location gaining full access purchased boom card set.


Whether employed during classroom instruction or as a homework assignment, these Boom Cards present an innovative means to teach valuable life skills. The Be A Warrior Not A Worrier Boom Cards not only contribute to your teaching resources repertoire but also aid in reshaping our student's attitudes towards their worries – forming warriors and not worriers.

What's Included

A PDF with a paid link embedded into the image for Boom Card Access.

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Warrior Worrier Emotional Management Self-awareness Character Development

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