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Feelings Journal Elementary | Managing and Expressing Feelings | Coping Skills for Elementary

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3, 4





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About This Product

The Feelings Journal Elementary | Managing and Expressing Feelings | Coping Skills for Elementary is a comprehensive resource that guides students in the journey of identifying, understanding, and managing their emotions. Equipped with user-friendly tools to simplify this complex task, this journal arms educators with material that can seamlessly transform into whole group classroom activities, small group sessions, or even individual homework assignments. Designed specifically for kindergarten through to fourth-grade learners. The workbook provides a personalized approach towards unraveling feelings and triggers.
Main Component:
  • The hallmark component of this product is eight detailed worksheets exploring an array of feelings - happy, sad, mad, scared loved excited worried shy - which empower students to identify various emotions and understand what triggers them best.
The workbook enables students' creativity as they are allowed the freedom to depict through drawing or writing reflections on 'what their face looks like' or 'how their body feels' when experiencing certain sentiments. They also have space to elaborate on situations that evoke specific emotional responses in them; encouraging understanding whilst stimulating critical thought.
Coping Skills Worksheets:
The book further fortifies emotional resilience through:
  1. Coping skill worksheet featuring guided yoga poses.
  2. Breathing exercises worksheet.
  3. A grounding strategy worksheet.
This trifecta propels students towards cultivating habits that foster self-control alleviating unnecessary distress during tense situations.
Possible Personalization:
With an option of 3 covers each student can personalize their workbooks tailoring colours images according to personal preference This allows them supreme ownership over t book fostering sense pride in recognizing managing own emotions. Individual journals can be created for each child For durability these could be laminated and reused within calm corners alternatively they could be spiral bound stimulating constant engagement interaction. Usability:
The resource serves not only traditional classroom teachers but also school counselors, language pathologists, special education instructors, essentially anyone eager equip early learners necessary social emotional skills/Gateways open towards direct lessons distant learning displays creating an all-round robust inclusive ambience In essence it provides both educator learner essential proactive toolkit governing handling expressing daily emotional encounters whilst nurturing an inclusive classroom community.

What's Included

Workbook Dimensions 7” x 11”

3 Covers to choose from

8 Feeling Worksheets (Happy, Sad, Mad, Scared, Loved, Excited, Worried, Shy)

Space to write/draw "What my face looks like" "What my body feels like"

Space to write/draw "What makes me feel ____"

3 Coping Skill Worksheets (Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, Grounding Strategy)

- 3 yoga poses with instructions

- 3 breathing exercises with instructions

- Grounding Strategy has space to draw/write things they can see, hear, and touch

Resource Tags

feelings identification emotional management coping skills mindfulness exercises inclusive classroom

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