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Big Emotions/Anger | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior Support

An educational teaching resource from Mrs Bonie Just Teach entitled Big Emotions/Anger | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior Support downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Big Emotions/Anger | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior Support is a specialized teaching resource. It was created for educators looking to tackle the complexities of emotions with children, primarily within ages 7-12. This resource allows students to step into the story's main character's shoes, acquiring crucial life skills like understanding and managing big emotions such as anger.

The interactive book promotes active student engagement through tasks like question-answering, coloring assignments, and drawing activities. These are all designed with the primary goal of nurturing emotional comprehension. A significant emphasis is placed on creating coping mechanisms tailored to each child's needs - particularly beneficial when helping children who have difficulties handling strong emotions.

Your purchase includes various resources: full-page and half-page printouts of the social storybook as well as an insightful discussion guide. To enhance convenience further, Google Slides compatible for classroom interaction is also included.


  • Whole class scenarios: The teacher can use the Google Slide Deck for displaying material while students create their copies using the provided half-page printouts - catalyzing engaging classroom discussions via our discussion guide!
  • In-class exercises or homework assignments: Can be used beyond these traditional formats to teach lessons on handling large emotions in both whole-class sessions or small group environments.
  • Towards progressive discipline plans: Students can take this book along to assigned calming corners within classrooms where they revisit expectations and calm down independently–an outstanding starting point!
  • In smaller groups: Identify individuals displaying similar behavior needs creating small groups where each member fills out individual copies complimented by meaningful conversations about every page under guidance from our discussion guide!
  • This PDF file becomes an excellent addition catering specifically towards - social emotional learning, social skills and life skills.

Specific Catering

Teachers might work individually with struggling students. This allows for essential coping strategies discussed during the activity to be firmly embedded in memory since the books can be kept at desks and easily accessed whenever required.

The target grades for this resource are Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, and Grade 6. It's an ideal add-on to your teaching materials arsenal if your focus rests on shaping young minds into individuals better equipped to manage their emotions!

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