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Making Friends | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior Support Tool

An educational teaching resource from Mrs Bonie Just Teach entitled Making Friends | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior Support Tool downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Making Friends | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior Support Tool

The Making Friends | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior Support Tool is a comprehensive teaching resource specifically designed to assist children aged 7-12 who have difficulties in making friends. Aimed at both public school teachers and homeschooling parents, we aim to cultivate an emotionally healthy, socially adept and open-minded generation.

Key Features:
  • An engaging interactive book/printable that serves not only as a learning tool but also a behavior support method.
  • It aligns with concepts taught in Social Emotional Learning, Social Skills, and Life Skills curriculums.
  • Children become the crucial characters of their narratives where they learn to initiate conversations and combat internal inhibitions.
Inclusive Offerings:
  • A comprehensive layout comprising full book print-out, half-page versions and Google Slides presentation alternatives for flexible use in whole-group or small group instructions.
  • The provision for follow-up exercises such as homework assignments that can reinforce class learning outside the classroom setting.
This tool also provides valuable assistance for counselors or therapists dealing with child mental health discussions focusing on issues like personal insecurities etc., thereby extending its relevance beyond traditional classrooms or homeschool settings. Promoting Individualized Attention:

We understand unique learners require unique intervention strategies. To cater to this insight we provide suggestions on how quiet spots within classrooms can be used for allowing students some time to recalibrate before rejoining group dynamics.

Versatility & Range

In addition to the benefits mentioned above there are numerous other social stories addressing varying emotional states such as controlling impulses regarding blurting out without thinking, coping with sadness or anger, managing worry& anxiety etc., thereby extending the usability of this teaching tool far beyond its immediate scope.

Please feel free to provide feedback or contact us for any queries about the product!

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