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SEL: AIRPLANE Mindfulness Breathing Calming Activity TRACE AND BREATHE

An educational teaching resource from Mrs Bonie Just Teach entitled SEL: AIRPLANE Mindfulness Breathing Calming Activity TRACE AND BREATHE downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

SEL Airplane Mindfulness Breathing Activity: Trace and Breathe Guide students through mindfulness breathing with this tracing activity. Students trace the outline of an airplane while practicing deep breathing. This calming strategy focuses attention inward to gain emotional control. Use the Trace and Breathe technique whole-class to reset after exciting activities. Or, provide copies for individual use when emotions run high. Display directions prominently for student reference during independent tracing. Consider setting up a calming corner with this and other designs for on-demand stress relief. Laminate pages or protect in clear sheets for durability. Tracing gives students an outlet for excess energy while breathing resets the body. Together, these tools teach vital emotion regulation skills. Monitor students as they practice self-soothing behaviors that facilitate positive transitions. In time, tracing becomes an automatic first response to frustration.

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