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Data Analysis & Probability: Pictographs - PC Software

Data Analysis & Probability: Pictographs - PC Software
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About This Product

Data Analysis & Probability: Pictographs - PC Software

The Data Analysis & Probability: Pictographs - PC Software is a thoughtfully designed teaching resource that caters to both public school educators and homeschoolers. A comprehensive chapter on understanding Pictographs sits at its core, making it an integral teaching aid in the study of Data Analysis and Probability.

The distinctiveness of this software is derived from a combination of curriculum-based content and hands-on elements, fostering interactivity in learning. The components include:

  • Pre-assessment modules: to gauge learners' initial understanding,
  • Lesson plans: to guide through the section,
  • Real-world word problems: for practical applications,
  • Vigorous timed drill activities: to consolidate knowledge.


    Incorporating Additional tools

    Apart from pictographs, the software integrates exciting math tools into its architecture. This approach caters variously to learner differences ensuring continuance of an engaging comprehension process. With games such as memory matches, board games and even spinner games availed through this application, educators can make lessons fun-filled!

    Lingular sensivity

    This product also takes into account language barrier considerations. The software is enabled with voice-over provisions in English/Spanish along with text options in both languages promoting inclusion across linguistic boundaries.

    Modes Of Delivery And Compatibility

    The "Data Analysis & Probability: Pictographs - PC Software" delivers electronically via zip file enabling seamless download minus any hustle . However,this product is compatible only with PCs .

    Scope Of Learning

    A marvellous mix of structured learning and interactive fun, this software brings real value to the table in teaching Mathematics specifically Graphing. It caters well to preschool or kindergarten, first or second grade.

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

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