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Hattie Big Sky - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6

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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

Hattie Big Sky - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6

Take a step back in time to the era of World War I with this immersive literature kit centered on the Newbery Honor-winning novel, "Hattie Big Sky". This resource provides a detailed exploration of life on an American homestead, offering students grade 5 and 6 an enriching perspective on historical events and lifestyle.

Story Interaction

  1. Students interact with the story by identifying challenges faced by Hattie as she navigated her homestead solitarily.
  2. The literature kit pushes students to consider communication in different contexts as they decode expressions from the novel into their language constructs.

In addition to literary components, it includes a geographical investigation of Montana which encourages students to learn about its varied monikers. This pack creates room for inquiry-based learning.

Inquiry-based Learning

  • Pupils research concepts integral to that period like 'doughboys', a term used by Hattie for American soldiers fighting in Europe.
  • This resource contains examples of personification from within the text for review and analysis laying groundwork for language skills development.

The curriculum further fuels critical thinking skills through brainstorming activities such as identifying potential antagonists associated with our protagonist's journey.

Writing Exercises & Comprehension Quizzes

  • Writing exercises are designed around character perspectives where students are challenged to think like Hattie and reply to letters from her school friend Charlie- someone experiencing 'The Great War' firsthand.
  • The kit also includes comprehension quizzes which help gauge student understanding alongside answer keys which provide ease-of-use for teachers!

Interactive Fun and Engaging Puzzles

Puzzles such as crosswords and word search are included in the kit; these activities boost student engagement, making learning more interactive and fun!

The literature kit is aligned well with your state standards ensuring comprehensive coverage of required frameworks while opening learners up to thoughtful questioning about history interweaved with resilient characters.

Product Specification:
  • Included within this product is one file formatted as PDF that can be utilized flexibly based on teaching needs – whether it’s whole-group instruction or small group discussions or individual assignments - this tool will deepen understanding in Language Arts classes focusing especially Literature subtopic and augment overall learning atmosphere!

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