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Inflation: High School Financial Literacy Lesson using Percentages

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About This Product

Inflation: High School Financial Literacy Lesson is a teaching resource perfect for educators looking to develop helpful financial literacy skills in high school students. The resource offers a complete introduction to inflation and its implications. It's perfect for classrooms, homeschooling, or personal tutoring.

This educational tool incorporates real-life mathematics scenarios enabling students to develop their financial understanding and strengthen their mathematical skills. Key topics covered include:

  • Understanding inflation and why it may vary

  • Learning what amount of inflation is desirable and how it is calculated

  • Analyzing potential problems like diminished investment return when inflation is high or increased mortgage payments due to inflation-induced interest rate hikes

Math Skills Required:

  • Calculating percentage using decimals

Grades to Use With:

This lesson is designed for students in grades 7-12, who have learned about calculating percentages using decimals. It can help your students meet standard CCSSMP4 (Model with Mathematics), making math more than just an abstract concept but a real world applicable practice.

What's Included:

This lesson is a user-friendly 5 Page PDF. It includes a one-page handout with two versions – note-taking or pre-filled, allowing you to choose which is best for your students' engagement. Then, there is a worksheet with four different real world inflation math problems accompanied by an answer key for evaluation purposes or additional learning support.

How to Use:

The product fits various teaching arrangements from whole class learning, to individual tasks or partner work. I would go through the handout with the whole class, do a sample problem on the board, and then allow my students to work in pairs or small groups to complete the worksheet.

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