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Behavior Problems - Interactive Book/Printable Support/SEL Lesson

An educational teaching resource from Mrs Bonie Just Teach entitled Behavior Problems - Interactive Book/Printable Support/SEL Lesson downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Behavior Problems - Interactive Book/Printable Support/SEL Lesson: General Overview

Behavior Problems - Interactive Book/Printable Support/SEL Lesson is a valuable teaching resource designed to address natural anxieties and fears that are common among children preparing for the transition to a new grade level. With this interactive book and printable, learners essentially take control as they become the main characters of their own social stories.

Relevance and Age Appropriateness

Ideal for children aged 7-12, this resource provides compelling support as learners articulate their favorite things about their current grade while assisting in smooth transitions into subsequent grades. Use it to enhance END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR activities,, fostering readiness for what lies ahead.

Possible Classroom Implementation Scenarios

  • The Whole Class: In whole class scenarios, initiate thought-provoking discussions with each page of the half-page book printout prepared for every learner. The included discussion guide facilitates these conversations seamlessly.
  • Remeidation: When necessary, it can serve as an efficient calming tool; pupils can withdraw to reflectively reread their Social Story and recall outlined expectations—potentially transforming your progressive discipline plan's initial steps.
  • In Small Groups or Individual Sessions: Applied in smaller group settings or one-on-one intervention sessions, instructors can tailor discussions around distinct behavior needs surfaced within each group of students. As you complete the book together on such occasions, youth gain direct insights into personal needs and are empowered with solutions immediately at hand.
The Impact of SEL Material on Teaching Practice

This digital PDF download underscores how creative teaching resources like social emotional learning (SEL) material can make profound differences in educators' day-to-day workings—whether homeschooling parents or public school educators teaching grade levels 3 through 6.

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