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Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Activities Cards for Kids

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About This Product

Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Activities Cards for Kids

This invaluable resource comprises of 12 breathing exercises that children can follow by tracing with their fingers. Ranging from simple to complex activities, these exercises promote mental and emotional well-being among children by teaching them calming techniques and self-regulation skills.

Versatile Integration in Learning Settings

The breathing exercises seamlessly integrate into different learning contexts. They're perfect for:

  • Calming corners
  • Mindful moments
  • Circle time activities
  • Sensory and movement breaks, and more.

Benefits Beyond Emotional Regulation

Beyond boosting emotional regulation skills, ample cognitive benefits are tied to the regular use of this resource. Here are few:

  1. Improved memory retention
  2. Better concentration power
  3. Fostering healthier communication skills in a world teeming with distractions.

Included also are audio-visual stimuli that range from basic shapes like circles to complex ones such as hexagons ensuring comprehensive cognitive development across different schooling levels.

A Stepping Stone to Larger Life Skills & A Useful Guide for Educators

The Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Activities Cards serve not only as fun activities but also as stepping stones to crucial life skills - preparing students not just for the classroom but also for life beyond it. To top it off, the comprehensive PDF guide provided makes implementation straightforward for educators!

What's Included

Shapes Included: Circle, Oval, Triangle, Heart, Square, Rectangle, Diamond, Trapezoid, Star, Pentagon, Hexagon, and Parallelogram.

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