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Positive Affirmations Kids Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Activity Cards Great for Calm Down Corners

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About This Product

Positive Affirmations Kids Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Activity Cards

The Positive Affirmations Kids Mindfulness Breathing Exercises Activity Cards are an effective teaching resource that encourages educators to assist students in honing calming mindfulness breathing techniques. The pack boasts 12 meticulously devised breathing activities which are shaped-centered.

The shape range avails complexity variations enabling customization for different learner stages - elementary shapes like circles, rectangles, and ovals for younger children, while complicated ones like stars or pentagons to engage older learners.

Breathing Techniques and Self-Regulation Skills

The unique feature of these cards asks children to trace spirals with fingers while concentrating on their breaths. This interaction allows them not only to practice control over their breathing but also foster vital self-regulation abilities. These techniques can be applied in different contexts:

  • Create tranquil corners within the classroom setting offering calm amidst chaotic settings;
  • Inject mindful moments into densely academic routines;
  • Create 'brain break' sessions that reignite alertness;
Versatility & Usage Scenarios

Besides, these activity cards possess enough versatility to be used as tools during therapy sessions such as Occupational Therapy or Social Work Therapy. They could also facilitate interactive circle time activities, foster focus alongside nurturing group dynamics or aid transitions between tasks by inducing a settled environment favorable for concentration.

Mental Benefits & Emotional Stability

Actionably introducing mindfulness into the learning environments provides emotional stability - it aids steadying emotions; reducing anxiety and stress levels among young learners.

  • Learners imbibe significant coping methods that strengthen self-discipline and minimize impulsive behavioral patterns;
  • Indirect improvement of memory functions;
  • Enhancement of communication abilities; and
  • A better engagement level with tasks in hand.
  • All these benefits culminate into an impressive solution that attentively caters to the emotional well-being of students while managing academic requirements. The resource is fetchingly ideal not just for public school teachers reaching out across kindergarten through Grade 5 but also serves perfectly for homeschool schedules searching for inventive methodologies to embed social-emotional learning into daily routines.

    What's Included

    12 Different Calming Breathing Cards with Positive Affirmations

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