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Practical Life Skills - Employment & Volunteering Gr. 9-12+

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Practical Life Skills - Employment & Volunteering Gr. 9-12+

This is an invaluable teaching resource designed to provide students with the essential toolset needed to navigate the labor market. It provides practical tips on:

  • Filling out job applications
  • Crafting impressive resumes

It familiarizes students with common interview questions and techniques to prepare responses effectively – enhancing confidence towards securing their dream jobs.

Tips For Thriving in Workplace Dynamics

The material helps students beyond getting a job; it assists them understand how they can communicate effectively with peers and superiors at their workplaces.

Inclusion of Volunteering Guidance

The rewarding benefits of volunteering, from enriching lives to CVs, have been given equal emphasis in this material.

Designed According To State Standards:
  • Includes reading passages, graphic organizers as well as real-world activities .
  • The learning experience is made more engaging by incorporating crosswords & word searches.
  • Culminates in a comprehension quiz aimed at ensuring knowledge assimilation. Packets Include:
    • Diverse teaching settings including whole group instruction or smaller study groups .
    • An excellent resource for self-paced learning suitable for homework assignments.

      Suitable for All types of Teaching Setting Masterclasses and Homeschooling alike!

      Note: This PDF resource aligns well under Career heading particularly designed for Grades 9-12 comprehensively packaged into robust lesson plans.

      In Essence,

      This package converges real-life skills and applicable knowledge into an engaging, effective education package- Practical Life Skills - Employment & Volunteering Gr. 9-12+.

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