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Remediation Plan: Graphing, Patterns, and Probability

An educational teaching resource from SchoolingSara entitled Remediation Plan: Graphing, Patterns, and Probability downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 2, 3, 4

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About This Product

Patterns, Probability, and Graphing 5 Day Small Group Remediation Plan

An insightful teaching resource designed to enhance math instruction. Ideal for students in Grades 2 - 4 , this plan focuses on:

  • Patterns
  • Graphing
  • Probability

The plan spans over five days, with a distinct topic each day.

  1. The first day delves into the subject of patterns.
  2. The second day addresses graphing techniques.
  3. The third & fourth days specialize on probability.

A systematic approach for incremental comprehension.Inclusion of teacher directions help execute lessons effectively. Great for small group or whole-group remediation strategies!

Daily Plan:

  1. Teacher Directions
    • Laying out clear steps to implement lessons.
  2. Guided Practice Pages
      Promote real-world application of new learning.
    Independent Practice Sheets
      List Item Give plenty of opportunities to students for applying concepts.

    The fifth-day concludes the week with review sessions and exit ticket activity- building solid groundwork while helping you gauge every student's progress accurately!.

    A convenientAll-in-one slideshow is included!. It can be used during practice sessions and also contains answer keys making grading easier! Prepared considering Virginia's SOL standards Grade 3

    This resource features multiple file types- A versatile tool for diverse teaching platforms

    To sum it up , ‘Pattern, Probability And Graphing’ is an excellent instructional tool that guarantees student engagement and tangible progress! .

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