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Time & Money 5 Day Small Group Remediation Plan (VA SOL 3.6, 3.9)

An educational teaching resource from SchoolingSara entitled Time & Money 5 Day Small Group Remediation Plan (VA SOL 3.6, 3.9) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Time, Money


Grade 2, 3, 4

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About This Product

The Time & Money 5 Day Small Group Remediation Plan

This is a comprehensive teaching resource aimed at tackling concepts such as time, money and wider mathematics. Originally crafted for the Virginia Standards of Learning (VA SOL 3.6, 3.9), it suits educators and homeschoolers teaching Grade 2 to Grade 4 students perfectly. Unique in its approach, it creates connections between theory and practical application of core skills.

Activity Schedule: Five Days of Mathematics Mastery

  • Days One to Three: Coverage centers around money-related topics: counting money; comparing values; and making change using mixed coins and bills up to $5.00.
  • Day Four: The focus changes towards learning about telling time nearest to the minute with exercises on calculating elapsed time within a range of an hour involved.
  • Day Five: A comprehensive review day covering all topics previously discussed through teacher-led instructions coupled with a twelve-question exit ticket strategy for effective revisit of previous days’ learning points.

Digital Slide Show Interaction

A digital slideshow enriches overall class interactivity, ensuring no student feels short-changed during remedial sessions - regardless whether classes are small groups or whole class sizes targeted.

Solution Keys Included!

Included in this standout product are answer keys not only pertinent to independent practice sheets but also crucial solution scenarios relating exit tickets – seamlessly aiding educational assessment tasks from beginning to end.

Tailored Yet Flexible Instruction Tool While it adheres closely with VA SOLs- Math SOL 3.6 & Math SOL 3.9 specifics; it’s worth noting that any educator aiming for second-to-fourth graders grappling with counting currency types, change-making strategies or understanding time frames will find huge value in this resource-rich remediation plan.

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