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Multiplication & Division 5 Day Small Group Remediation Plan (SOL 3.4)

An educational teaching resource from SchoolingSara entitled Multiplication & Division 5 Day Small Group Remediation Plan (SOL 3.4) downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 2, 3, 4

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About This Product

Title: Multiplication & Division 5 Day Small Group Remediation Plan (SOL 3.4)

The Multiplication and Division 5 Day Small Group Remediation Plan is an excellent resource for educators looking to strengthen their student's proficiency in multiplication and division. This meticulously crafted resource has been designed to provide five days of focused review for small groups, helping students explore various concepts related to these arithmetical operations.

Aimed at students in the 2nd to 4th grade, this plan has been planned meticulously to cover different topics on multiplication and division each day.

  • The first four days consist of activity-based lesson plans focusing on a specific topic, such as equal groups or array multiplication,
  • The activities are accompanied by guided practice sheets for hands-on experience.
  • These are followed by independent practice sheets enabling learners to rehearse their newly gained skills autonomously.

The fifth day serves as a review session comprising a concise nine-question exit ticket that evaluates the student's understanding after four days of remediation. There is also an accompanying digital slide show that instructors can employ while conducting whole group sessions or when using an interactive board during remedial lessons.

The plan also comes with handy answer keys for all independent practice worksheets and the exit ticket, making grading swift and effortless. Moreover, it suits perfectly to Virginia standard SOL 3.4 but can be effortlessly applied for teaching multiplication and division concepts nationwide.

This comprehensive resource packs an abundance of features into its easily navigable 24 pages - from double digit-by-single digit multiplication tasks undergirding skill consolidation right up until critical thinking based division problems facilitating real-world application
All contributing towards incremental learning over five productive days.

Teachers can implement this effective teaching aid not only in whole class instruction but also work wonders during one-to-one tutoring sessions or breakaway small group activities encouraging cooperation among peers —thus providing ample flexibility according to classroom dynamics or other pedagogical needs.

Indeed the Multiplication & Division 5 Day Small Group Remediation Plan serves as a practical guide and tireless assistant in the educational journey, ensuring learning becomes not only productive but also enjoyable for every student.

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