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Remediation Plan: Rounding, Place Value, Comparing & Ordering Numbers

An educational teaching resource from SchoolingSara entitled Remediation Plan: Rounding, Place Value, Comparing & Ordering Numbers downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Need to review number sense - place value, rounding, comparing, and ordering numbers - in small groups? Included in this product is a five-day remediation plan (based on the VA SOL 3.1) that reviews the topics over four days, with an exit ticket for the fifth day. Each day comes with a lesson plan, guided practice activities, and then independent practice activities. The final day is an exit ticket, checking for student understanding of the topics after the four days of review. Also included is a teacher slide show to help teach the concepts to your groups - it matches the guided practice. While this product is geared towards the 3rd grade Virginia SOLs, it is usable by any grade level or location teaching place value, rounding, comparing numbers, and ordering numbers. An answer key is provided for the independent practice and the exit ticket.

What's Included:

Day 1 - Place Value

Day 2 - Rounding

Day 3 - Rounding - including rounding on a number line

Day 4 - Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Day 5 - review and exit ticket

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