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SEL: DOG Mindfulness Breathing Calming Activity

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Teach students to calm themselves with the SEL: DOG Mindfulness Breathing Activity. This resource helps students learn focused breathing techniques when they feel upset or need to concentrate. Students trace the outline of the dog picture with their finger while inhaling slowly. As they trace and exhale, students learn to calm their minds and bodies. Use this mindfulness activity during high-energy times, with individual students, or create a calm-down station. This effective social-emotional learning resource includes a detailed poster explaining the “Trace and Breathe” technique and a coloring sheet with a cute dog design. Print pages for individuals or groups and provide instructions for the simple 5-step process to get students focusing on their breath and feeling peaceful. With engaging graphics and easy directions, the SEL: DOG Mindfulness Breathing Activity gives students a portable calming strategy. Teach vital emotional skills with this useful mindfulness tool.

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