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Self Care for Students, Self Care Activity, Free SEL Printable

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About This Product

Self Care for Students: A Resourceful Activity for Wellbeing

Developing self-love and care in children is a valuable life skill that extends beyond academic knowledge. With the 'Self Care for Students' activity, teaching your students how to manage their wellbeing becomes an easy task. This printable resource is a comprehensive guide to self-care designed particularly for upper elementary and early middle school students.

This free resource requires no preparation - just print and present to your pupils. It serves as an enjoyable task that guides students on how they can look after their physical, emotional, and social health more productively. As an interactive exercise, it urges students to design their own self-care plan specific to their needs.

The kit encompasses three facets of health:

  1. Emotional Health:The material promotes healthy habits like expressing feelings constructively while providing ideas on individuals they can talk to about these feelings in times of concern.
  2. Social Health: It aids in nurturing relationships with friends through engaging activities.
  3. Physical Health: By encouraging a consumption of healthier foods plus exercises crafted specifically for them.
  4. This tool proves invaluable not just within classroom settings but also during counseling sessions or homeschooling.

    A Toolkit serving multiple purposes:

    This Self-Care For Student printable activity stresses upon the importance of student wellbeing in today's education environment - emphasizing that it's equally significant as academic performance itself. Suitable for special resources subjects, this PDF format easily accessible resource stimulates children's understanding of emotions ideally suited not only for teachers but also school counselors or parents homeschooling their wards.

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