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Calm Down Corner Decor, Summer School Decor, Classroom Management

Calm Down Corner Decor, Summer School Decor, Classroom Management
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About This Product

The Calm Down Corner Décor: An Essential Teaching Resource

The Calm Down Corner Décor is an optimal solution for educators requiring efficient classroom management methods. This resource works perfectly in summer school decor activities or for those intending to foster a serene ambiance in their classrooms all year round. It brings the lemonade theme into the learning environment, facilitating designated areas for students to express and understand their feelings comfortably.

Contrarily to just enhancing aesthetics, the core idea of this decor aims majorly at creating a safe space where learners can face their emotions effectively. This resource acts as a silent guide promoting self-management, decision-making processes and helps children with emotional regulation--a crucial aspect of every child's growth.

What’s Inside The Package:

  • Motivational Posters
  • Emoji feelings puzzles aligned with engaging lemon and summer themes
  • Visual coping skills tools
  • 'Sign-in' sheets for those requiring a quiet break
It also includes reflection slips from cool down stations among other interactive features. Designed flexibly for any setting from small spaces or large classrooms alike using mini bulletin board signs or one-page posters accompanied by Yoga Pose exercise cards and “Use Your Senses” exercise cards. Proffering plenty of options at educators' disposal so they can utilize these resources either as direct lessons within smaller groups or even extended homework assignments.
Mindfulness Tools:
Be it reminders subtly placed around office corners depicting effective coping strategies or vibrant visuals enhancing the classroom that speak of the importance of grounded visualization activities, these resources make handling challenging discussions less strenuous not just on you but on impressionable young minds too. In addition to teaching math and history, educators have a deep responsibility in directing their emotions healthily.
Here’s to crafting emotionally healthier classrooms with this resource!

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