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Successful Homework Habits for Students - SEL Lesson - Homework

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About This Product

Do your students struggle with completing their homework?

Being able to independently complete homework is a SKILL that needs to be explicitly taught to students - this product does just that!

Use this social story to teach students important strategies complete homework independently and with success!

About Social Story - Getting Homework Done

This Social Story is an interactive book/printable designed to offer students strategies to complete their homework independently with success! Children become the main character of the story as they answer questions, color, draw pictures as they discuss strategies for completing homework independently! This resource is a great behavior support tool to teach at the beginning of the year. This is a great resource to send home with your students to encourage discussions with their parents about good homework habits!


  • Social Story Explanation

  • Social Story Full Book Print-out

  • Social Story Half-Page Print-out

  • Discussion Guide

  • Google Slides


This book is best suited for ages 7-12. Could also be adapted for ages below and above this range!

How I Use this Resource in My Classroom-

I like to spend A LOT of time in the beginning of the school year teaching social stories focused positive behavior expectations. I have found that I often assume students have the skills they need to "do school", but am often humbled with the amount of explicit instruction students need surrounding skills like completing their homework.

Timing- I usually schedule this social story around the end of the first month of school. I like to make sure I have sent the activity home before back-to-school night so that I can mention it with parents during my presentation. This way, families that did not have the homework discussion at home have the chance to do so... it is so important! Then, I usually re-teach the lesson halfway through the school year when students need a reminder of the important skills!

How I teach it - I always teach this social story as a whole class lesson instead of in small groups. The skills included in this social story are really valuable to all students. Included in the product is a discussion guide that will walk you through exactly how to present the information to your students. I always print out the half-page version for each student. I display the teacher slides on my Active Board and the students fill out their book as I fill out the one on the board.

Sending the Book Home - One of the cool aspects about this social story is that there are parts for the students to bring home and complete with their families. This fosters really great discussions around good homework habits and parents love having this as a resource.

Behavior Remediation Tool - This is one of those social stories that keeps coming back many times throughout the school year. Once a student becomes a repeat offender of not completing their homework, the first thing I do is come back to this resource! I have the student review their social story and see if there are any skills they can sharpen to help them become successful at completing their homework on their own again. It opens up a great place for honest conversation and helps you determine what barriers the student is facing keeping them from being successful at this essential component of being a student.

I hope you enjoy this resource! For more like it, please visit my store at Mrs Bonie Just Teach.

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