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Swiss Cross Editable Binder Covers

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About This Product

These are a selection of editable binder covers and spines so you can create your own binder covers and spines and keep them organized while still having them look cohesive. There are three font options for each of the covers and spines, and there are a variety of spines - they come in sizes meant to fit small, medium, and large binders.

To best use these, print them on card stock - it makes it much easier to slide into the spines and the front cover.

Included Covers/Spines:




Guided Reading



Social Studies


Parent Contact


Teacher Binder

Sub Binder

And since they are editable, if you don't like what you see here, you can create your own! There are a variety of blanks with pictures - like a book or a beaker or the globe - as well as. plants and wreaths to help you create cohesive, custom binders. Many of the spines also include these pictures to add some color to the black and white covers.

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Birthday Chart

Open House Forms

Genre Posters

Voice Levels Chart

Pre-Made and Editable Rules Posters

Shape Posters

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Blank Standards/I Can Cards

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