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Swiss Cross Calendar

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About This Product

This a custom calendar that should fit on the poster calendar blanks that can be purchased or can fit in a pocket chart or your own custom calendar. There are a variety of month headers, day headers, numbers, and holiday cards.

Options for using this calendar: staple to a bulletin board, add magnets and use the chalkboard or whiteboard - pro tip, you can use electrical tape or masking tape to create a. grid for your calendar on boards like that, you can use a pocket chart, or you can attach those sticky hooks to a calendar poster and slide the days/months/etc in each one.


Days (in several options)

Day headers

Monthly headers (in a variety of fonts and sizes)


Holidays Included:

Teacher work day

Field Day

Party Day

Picture Day

Asynchronous Day

Book fair

Early Release Day

Birthday (multiples of these for those months with more than one birthday)

Labor Day

1st day of School

1st day of Fall

1st Day of Winter

1st Day of Spring

1st Day of Summer

A variety of religious holidays

Columbus Day

Indigenous People's Day

Chinese New Year

New Years

Valentines Day



Election Day

Veteran's Day

Flag Day


Super Bowl

Kentucky Derby

Texas Independence Day

and so many more!

Complete the decor set with everything you need for your classroom:

Number Posters

Writing Process Display

Binder Tabs

Color Posters

Classroom Posters and Decor

Birthday Chart

Open House Forms

Genre Posters

Voice Levels Chart

Pre-Made and Editable Rules Posters

Editable Binder Covers

Shape Posters

Math Posters

Rainbow Cart (10 Drawer) Labels

Blank Standards/I Can Cards

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