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"The Seven Years War", US History, PowerPoint

"The Seven Years War", US History, PowerPoint
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"The Seven Years War", US History, PowerPoint

PowerPoint seems pretty old technology now, but it certainly is a long way from the overhead projector and chalkboard I had at my disposal when I started teaching over thirty years ago. Now retired, I have a library of decades of PowerPoint slideshows I am happy to make available at Teach Simple.

Slides include text and an associated image.

One great strategy for students is to use Cornell Note Taking for lectures and readings. Students in my class could are assigned the Cornell note taking method because of the strong supporting research. Research indicates answering questions on text to be least effective for supporting reading comprehension (Graham, 2010). Cornell note taking supports higher level thinking such as application, synthesis, and analysis (Jacobs, 2008). Note taking is one of the “most powerful skills students can cultivate” by providing “students with tools for identifying and understanding the most important aspects of what they are learning.” (Marzano, 2001). It supports encoding the information for long term recall more effectively than guided notes and questionnaires (Jacobs, 2008). Note taking is known to be an effective strategy “if it entails attention focusing and processing in a way compatible with the demands of the criterion task.” (Armbruster, 1984) In effective note taking, research suggests, happens when “students failed to take notes in a manner that elicited sufficiently deep or thorough processing.” (Armbruster, 1984).

Please feel free to read about Cornell Notes at the Innovation blog!

Armbruster, T. H. (1984). Studying. In P. D. Pearson, Handbook of Reading Research (pp. 657-679). New York: Longman & Co.

Graham, S. a. (2010). Writing to Read: Evidence for How Writing Can Improve Reading. Vanderbilt University. New York: Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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PPTX file, 70 slides

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