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There's A Crazy Alien On The Road ( 3-7 years)

There's A Crazy Alien On The Road ( 3-7 years)
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Title: There's A Crazy Alien On The Road (3-7 years)

In the vast universe of children's educational resources, There's A Crazy Alien On The Road stands apart. It is a captivating story for kids aged between 3 to 7 years that opens conversations on two critical life lessons - responsibility and acceptance.

Envision a world where one’s material desires are effortlessly fulfilled by merely pressing a button. Our protagonist, Zoggy, hails from such an outlandish planet endowed with unlimited gratification. Like many children might be in this scenario, Zoggy is spoilt and impulsive; he yearns for everything he sees instantly.

The Intriguing Turn Of Events:

This intriguing narrative takes an exciting turn when Zoggy spots a shiny Ferrari in the garage showroom - it isn't just desire at this point but an impulsive need to own it immediately! His indulgence leads him on a reckless joyride on Earth roads —an episode transforming his perception forever when he spots flashing lights chasing him down.

  • Important Concept: Using not only engaging prose but also suspenseful events, There's A Crazy Alien On The Road, confronts its young audience with important concepts like accountability and consequence—practical life values often overlooked in traditional academia. It propels them gently into confronting earthly realities while preparing them to become responsible individuals.
  • Inclusiveness Theme: What enhances the allure of this gripping adventure is its underlying theme of inclusiveness —a precious lesson for early learners as they ply their way through preschool or even elementary grades such as Kindergarten through Grade 2, interweaving Language Arts into their learning journey. Set within curriculum subdomains like Pre-Reading exercises could make it functional as homework or class-specific reading groups.
  • Breaking stereotypes: As part of the 'Zoggy the Alien' series by Guinea Pig Education, this attention-grabbing storybook shatters stereotypes about aliens attempting to fit into life on Earth—making its readers realize that everyone deserves love and acceptance despite dissimilarities.

With 38 pages of unending excitement and lessons to relish, There's A Crazy Alien On The Road can be easily accessed as a digital PDF file. Its lively characters and relevant teachings make it an astounding tool in any educator's kit, appealing to students with varying learning styles.

What's Included

38 pages

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spoilt protagonist accountability consequence inclusiveness engaging prose

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