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Winter Feelings Check In Board | Preschool Feelings | Preschool Coping Skills

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About This Product

The Winter Feelings Check In Board | Preschool Feelings | Preschool Coping Skills

An innovative teaching tool, designed to facilitate the learning of emotional health concepts for early learners, including preschoolers, kindergartners and first-graders. The 'Winter Feelings Check-In' board allows students to understand their feelings and apply suitable coping mechanisms in a safe space.

Product uniqueness:
  • An appealing winter theme that young learners can connect with.
  • Use of Christmas tree emojis representing five different feelings for fun-based learning.
  • Introduces eight practical coping strategies to choose from.
Coping Strategies include:
  1. Drinking water
  2. Taking breaks
  3. More Emotion-focused Strategies:
  4. Stretching exercises
  5. Soothing coloring activities (Color Therapy)
  6. Sensory Integration Therapies like:
      Fidget Toys Usage

The product is provided as a downloadable PDF file type under 'Special Resources,' offering smooth integration into both traditional and online classrooms due to its flexibility. Additionally, this versatile tool can be used during collective sessions such as circle time or in focused one-on-one sessions where educators can offer personalized attention. This makes it a valuable resource not only for regular classroom teachers but also special education teachers and school counselors dealing with students challenged by social-emotional learning concepts. The use of such engaging resources demonstrates how complex topics like coping skills can be made accessible through fun-themed teaching aids combined with inspiring pedagogy. This approach enhances student participation while improving their emotional well-being.

What's Included

Included with download:

Winter Themed Feelings Check-In Board

5 Feelings (Christmas tree emojis)






8 Coping Strategies

drink water

take a break


play with blocks

blow bubbles


count to 10

use a fidget

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emotion recognition coping strategies interactive tool preschool feelings winter theme

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