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Leadership Skills | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior | SEL Lesson

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About This Product

Leadership Skills | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior | SEL Lesson

This teaching resource, Leadership Skills, is an engaging and interactive tool designed to discover the effective leader within students aged between 7 and 12. Students have the opportunity to play the main character in a story, identifying their unique leadership skills and reflecting on how they can apply these traits.

Social Story Explanation & Google Slides Feature:

  • The resource provides a comprehensive social story explanation with full-page and half-page printouts.
  • Incorporating technology's role in modern education methods, this package offers Google Slides functionality for enhancing virtual learning experiences. An Easel Activity component is also included in this resource for added engagement.

Potential Implementations:

  1. Whole Class-Teaching: Simultaneous learning experience with Google Slide Deck displayed on ActiveBoard while each student fills out their individual half-page books.
  2. Whole Class-Remediation: Applying social stories as reminders during break times about class expectations.
  3. In Small Groups: Facilitate small group interactions based on behavior needs where each student has their printout book to fill out collectively.
  4. This transformative Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tool maintains focus yet adapts flexibly towards understanding leadership behavior among school-age children. Coupled with other suitable resources from Social Story Bundles like "My Sadness Mask" or "Safe Online", the Leadership Skills book offers educators opportunities to seamlessly blend into any curriculum that strives for desirable character education.

    In conclusion, Leadership Skills | Interactive Book/Printable | Behavior | SEL Lesson is a catalyst for student growth— not just as managers but future leaders by nurturing early awareness and cultivating responsible applications of their inherent leadership abilities. Encourage your students to divulge into their untapped potential today!

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