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First Day of School Interactive Book/Printable- Beginning of the Year

First Day of School Interactive Book/Printable- Beginning of the Year
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

The First Day of School Interactive Book/Printable - Beginning of the Year

An exciting resource for educators, on the first week back to school. This social story interactive book focuses on students between ages 7-12 and is available for use both in public schools or home-education settings.

Social Story Approach

Using the social story approach, this interactive book includes activities that encourage students to reflect on their new surroundings like classrooms and teachers and transforms them into active participants. Students get to share their experiences through answering questions, coloring, or drawing pictures.

Comprehensive Package

  • Full book print-outs along with half-page versions
  • Explanation about Social Stories
  • A conversation guide
  • Google Slides and an Easel Activity

This set of materials can be used as part of whole-group activities under teacher instruction or for small group sessions led by teachers or school counselors addressing specific behavior needs.

Possible Applications:
  • You can add it in class as a remedial tool; placing it in a calming corner for reading during disruptions—forming part of your progressive discipline method ladder's first rung.
  • The resources are also applicable at an individual level working perfectly as behavior intervention tool! A practice scenario could have you assisting a student complete the book with the option for them to revisit at will from their desk compartments.
  • Besides its primary use during back-to-school weeks, this product is equally effective throughout academic periods—making it relevant beyond just beginning-of-the-year activities.

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