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Teamwork - Interactive Book/Printable and SEL Lesson

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Teamwork - Interactive Book/Printable and SEL Lesson

As educators, we strive to instil values like teamwork in our students as early as possible. The 'Teamwork - Interactive Book/Printable and SEL Lesson', is a meticulously designed resource that aims to facilitate this process more effectively. Aimed at children aged between 7-12 years, it uses the innovative approach of Social Stories, transforming learners into central characters involved in a journey of learning about cooperation within groups or teams.

This product serves as an invaluable tool for teachers striving to strengthen community relationships within their classrooms while fostering students' empowerment. It incorporates an array of interactive activities such as:

  • Question-answer sessions
  • Coloring assignments
  • Picture-drawing tasks
  • Engaging discussions highlighting the significance of teamwork in enhancing community life.

The package includes a detailed explanation of Social Stories accompanied by two versions Full Book Print-out and Half-Page Print-out that fit various educational scenarios.

    Suggested methodologies for different learning environments:
    In Whole-class application teaching lessons or remediation purposes
    Teachers can distribute half-page books among every student while projecting the book via Google Slide Deck on ActiveBoard; parallelly leading discussion with reference to the included Discussion Guide.
    Under remediation circumstances sending student with this social story booklets for reviewing expectations can assist them in calming down; serving as prominent initial step under progressive discipline plan!
    In Small group settings or individual behavioral interventions
    This resource proves beneficial not only for educators but professionals like school counselors or therapists dealing through behavior-oriented small groups; distributing books among individual members accompanied by enriching conversations facilitated through Discussion Guide.
    Whereas when dealing single-handedly with certain kids using this resource one-on-one allows them to re-read whenever needed fostering transformative behavioral improvements over time!

The Teamwork - Interactive Book/Printable and SEL Lesson allows teachers to mold their instruction per the unique needs of students. It emphasizes Social Emotional Learning and essential social skills, constituting an indispensable tool in Special Resources targeted at Grade 3-6 learners.

The entire resource is conveniently downloadable as a PDF.

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