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Mental Health and Stigma Lesson

Mental Health and Stigma Lesson
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About This Product

In this lesson, students will reflect on what mental health means, the stigma around mental illness and they will review their attitudes about their own views on mental health. The lesson contains an engaging 9 slide PowerPoint with video (Videolink) options on slides 4 and 8. There is also a note-taking sheet for students to fill out during the lesson to stay engaged as well as a Mental Health Survey and Answer Sheet. The videos are optional-there is one about stigma and mental health as well as a powerful Ted Talk Youth video about a high school sophomore who is living with anxiety and depression.

What's Included

A ZIP file with a Powerpoint presentation, a survey with an answer sheet, and a note-taking (fill in the blanks) sheet for higher engagement.

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mental healthstigmahealthSELsocial-emotional learning

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