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Negativity Bias-A Positive Psychology Concept Hyperdoc

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About This Product

In this Hyperdoc, students will learn about the positive psychology concept called "negativity bias". They will follow the 4 stages of my hyperdoc; 1) Read & Learn, 2) Explore, 3) Think & Respond, and 4) Apply Your Knowledge. Students will explore videos (VideoLink-formally Safetube) and an article on how our brains are wired for negative thinking and have opportunities to type in their new knowledge within this document. This is 100% online and can be assigned via Google Classroom. This was original created during remote learning but can be done in person, assigned as homework, or given remotely.

What's Included

A PDF with the Google Doc link embedded in the image just below the title in this hyperdoc.

Resource Tags

Google DochyperdocSELpositive psychologysocial-emotional learning

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