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Negativity Bias-A Positive Psychology Concept SEL Hyperdoc

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Life Skills

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About This Product

Negativity Bias-A Positive Psychology Concept SEL Hyperdoc

Negativity Bias-A Positive Psychology Concept SEL Hyperdoc is an interactive teaching resource purposefully engineered to foster comprehension of the mind's propensity for negative thinking, a concept in positive psychology known as "negativity bias".

The Four Stages:
  1. Read & Learn
  2. Explore
  3. Think & Respond
  4. Apply Your Knowledge.

The students can dive into readings and videos explaining the science behind our neural tendency towards negativity. There are also numerous opportunities to use the interactive fields within this document for notating their newly grasped knowledge.

This insightful hyperdoc is 100% compatible with Google Classroom, assisting seamless integration into your current teaching materials. Crafted originally for remote instruction, it still showcases flexibility by also serving superbly as a resource in conventional face-to-face instruction or even as a relevant homework assignment.

Digital Learning Tool Features:

  • A ready-to-use PDF file containing an embedded Google Doc link conveniently placed under the title image.
  • A comprehensive design compatible across grade levels from Grade 5 up until Grade 12 making it not only apt for typical classroom settings but also perfect for homeschooling requirements.

Covering key subjects such as Special Resources and Life Studies with particular emphasis on life skills progression, it exceptionally aids social emotional learning (SEL) sessions. Be sure not miss out on incorporating this multidimensional lesson plan into your set of effective educational resources.

What's Included

A PDF with the Google Doc link embedded in the image just below the title in this hyperdoc.

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