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SEL: FLOWERS Mindfulness Breathing Calming Activity

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Trace and Breathe with Flowers Students can take a mindful moment to breathe, relax, and trace the parts of the flower picture with their fingertips. This coloring sheet teaches social emotional learning (SEL) skills that help students emotionally self-regulate. When feeling upset or overly excited, students can use the trace and breathe technique to calm down. Teachers can print out pictures based on student interest. Use it individually when a student needs to self-soothe or as a whole class reset after high energy activities. The packet includes a poster explaining the trace and breathe technique, a color flower tracing sheet, and a black and white version. See the shop for more designs like animals, food, transportation, and spring themes. Consider setting up a classroom calming corner with directions posted and this printable in a binder for students to browse and choose from as needed.

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