Make your summer classroom visually appealing with one of these creative bulletin boards! Whether you want to display student work or highlight upcoming events, summer is the perfect time to make your bulletin boards stand out. Use the following ideas to create eye-catching displays that will bring some joy back into your classroom once school lets out.

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What Makes A Good Summer Bulletin Board?

A good bulletin board should be the focal point of your classroom. Bright, colorful, and inviting, a summer-themed bulletin board will prove to be a wonderful addition to your classroom.

In the classroom, bulletin boards are a great way to promote a sense of community and get students excited about learning. It is important that your summer bulletin board is both creative and eye-catching. 

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, and your bulletin board should reflect that. Try to make your boards as interactive as possible,  so that your students will feel excited about contributing.  Plus, if your class creates the majority of the content on the board, it means less work for you!

  1. Summer Book Corner From SupplyMe

Set the scene for summer reading with these colorful images and fun graphics. This summer bulletin board is an easy way to decorate your classroom or library with a fun beach theme. Featuring a palm tree, ocean backdrop and hammock, this bulletin board design is great for bringing out the summer spirit in any school setting.

  1. Sweet Summer From Art Of It

Ice lollies are a quintessential summer treat, and this bulletin board will have your class dreaming of their summer holidays. A great craft activity, especially for little ones. 

  1. Bee Ready For Summer From SupplyMe

Add a little buzz to your classroom with this adorable bees bulletin board set. The ‘bees’ are styrofoam balls, cut in half and painted, with cellophane wings sticking out of their backs. Use it as a chance to teach your class about the important job bees play in our ecosystem. 

  1. Happy Campers From Aboutmorningtoon

A lovely bulletin board for younger children, this camping-themed bulletin board will get your elementary class excited for summer.

  1. Our Students Shine From SupplyMe

As the warm days of summer approach, this bulletin board is a fresh and fun way to celebrate the hot weather. Its bright colors and hand-drawn style reflect the vibrancy of the season and will keep your students smiling.

  1. Bucket Lists From We Are Teachers

This summer bulletin board is the perfect way to bring all of the excitement of warm weather and outdoor fun into your classroom. Kids will love filling this bulletin board with colorful buckets of summer fun.

  1. O-Fish-Ally Summer From Today’s Creative Ideas

Kids will love this simple end-of-year bulletin board idea. Print off a selection of paper fish1a \\a and count down the days until summer break with your kids. Get them involved: they can help you change the count each day and even color in their own fish!

  1. Cool Reading Ideas From We Are Teachers

The perfect tool to get your kids excited about reading over the summer, this ice cream bulletin board is an easy way to make sure they continue with their reading habits. Students can write a blurb about their favorite book, which will serve as peer recommendations for other students in class. If they are feeling ambitious, they can try more than one flavor!

  1. Float Into Summer From We Are Teachers

This summer bulletin board is a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year with self-portraits of your students floating on their backs. It adds color and excitement to any room and is sure to be a favorite among teachers and students.

  1. Flip Flop Into Summer From We Are Teachers

Summer is here, and it’s time to kick back and relax. Students will enjoy being able to showcase their artistic talent with this bulletin board. They paint their feet on paper, and then add a pipe cleaner to create the flip-flop shape they’ll use to decorate their shoes.

  1. Make The Days Count From SupplyMe

When the school year is coming to an end, for some people it’s hard not to count down the days until the next holiday. Encourage your class to live each day to its fullest with this bright bulletin board, which features sunbeams for each remaining day of the term.

  1. Sail Into Summer From SupplyMe

This summer bulletin board will make a big splash in your classroom! It’s colorful, it’s full of shapes, and it has plenty of opportunity for your class to be part of the decorating process. This is a great way to introduce basic shapes and color concepts to younger learners.

  1. The Smore You Read, The Smore You Know From California Casualty

This campfire-themed bulletin board will have your class dreaming of hazy summer nights while encouraging them to see the summer as an excellent opportunity to get some reading in. 

  1. One In A Melon From Teacher Vision

It doesn’t get much more summery than a watermelon, so this bulletin board will be a great addition to your wall in the warmer months. You could also use it as a chance to discuss the benefits of eating healthily over the summer. 

  1. Sunny Faces From Redeemer Creche & Playgroup

This simple summer bulletin board sends out a lovely message to your class, welcoming them into the building each day.

  1. So Bright From Hotcore

This eye-catching board will make a great centerpiece for your room. The class can help make the sun, and they will love taking selfies with their sunnies on!

  1. Dive Into A Good Book From The Creative Librarian

Encourage your class to read throughout the summer with this fun bulletin board. It will encourage them to discuss their book preferences with their peers and create excitement around reading

  1. Footprints In The Sand Bulletin Board From SupplyMe

Kids will love this summer bulletin board, with the opportunity to make a visual display of their summer holiday stories. They can paint their feet and stand on the paper or cut out the feet shapes from a template. This would also be a great back-to-school icebreaker for the teachers!

  1. Summer Nights From We Are Teachers

Let your class show their creative side with this beautiful firefly bulletin board. Print out templates for them and let them color and name their own.

  1. Sandtastic From Mrs. Christy’s Classroom Experience

A great way to welcome a new class and have them reminisce about their holidays. You could have them write a short list on their bucket about the best thing they did during the summer. 

  1. Welcome To Our Hive From 365

This bee-themed board would make a great door display to welcome people to your classroom. Have your class make the bees themselves and they can change the wings every week to show different things that have been happening within the class.

  1. We R2 Excited From We Are Teachers

Students will love practicing their math skills with this summer bulletin board! It features a different everyday math problem to calculate the days left in the year. The unique Star Wars theme and bright colors add a fun touch to any classroom.

  1. Countdown Flower From Today’s Creative Ideas

Add a little summer fun to your classroom with this summer countdown bulletin board. Your class will love pulling off one of the leaves every day as you count down the last month before the summer. 

  1. Up For Adventure From Hotcore

This lovely bulletin board based on the animated film ‘Up’ will get your class excited about their summer adventures. You can make each balloon double-layered and have each child write a message on the rear balloon for others to read, sharing a summer adventure they are looking forward to. 

  1. Stay Cool With Olaf From Hotcore

Our summer bulletin board roundup wouldn’t be complete without…a snowman! Olaf is a big favorite and will look fabulous relaxing on the beach on your classroom wall!

Summer Bulletin Board Ideas FAQS

Do I need to be arty and good with crafts to make a bulletin board?

Not at all! If you love arts and crafts, even better, but anyone can make a great-looking bulletin board, especially if you have access to a printer. An interactive bulletin board means the students will create the majority of the content, and they will learn more than if you were to create the entire board yourself. Win-win!

How many spring bulletin boards should I have in my classroom?

That is completely up to you! You may only have 1 main spring bulletin board in your classroom, or if you have enough space on the walls, you may wish to have multiple smaller boards.

Should a bulletin board be filled with teacher content or student content?

The inclusion of student content is crucial for your bulletin board. Make your classroom bulletin board a place where your students can show off their skills and become confident writers. Add as much or as little student content as you see fit for your classroom’s bulletin boards; however, the more student content you add, the more you will empower your students to be proud of their work.

Final Thoughts

Summer is a great time for school teachers and students alike.  The atmosphere in the classroom will be a very positive one as your class get excited about the upcoming holidays. Making a summer bulletin board for your classroom will give the students a visual reminder of the coming holidays and keep everyone in a good mood!