A Fall bulletin board can invite you to ‘Fall into learning’ or welcome you to ‘our pumpkin patch.’ These ideas are how you can bring what fall means to your class.

In this post, I’ll point out some elements to keep in mind when you consider what a good Fall bulletin board should feature. You’ll also find 35 Fall bulletin board ideas for creating your own fun, catching bulletin board in Fall.

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What to look out for on a good fall bulletin board

A good Fall bulletin board should feature leaves, lots of leaves! If you think about it, Fall is so-named because of the falling leaves, so you can’t leave them out. What the leaves will give you is ample opportunity for the students to be creative. They can make, color and stick the leaves onto the bulletin board.

The colors on a Fall bulletin board should be those for Fall. This means predominantly browns, oranges, deep reds and dark yellows. This doesn’t mean you can’t use other colors, but the children will expect to see the colors around them on the board too.

Fall is the time of harvest, so your bulletin board should indicate this, which means having pumpkins, corn, apples and the like as decorations. You can do wonderfully creative things with the product. Most importantly, using individual fruits and vegetables gives your students the opportunity to make their own pumpkin (or other produce) and add it to your Fall bulletin board.

A good Fall bulletin board should be interactive. It is the perfect season for students to have fun creating pumpkins, scarecrows, apples or leaves to color in and add to the bulletin board. They can also write their names on their creations, or something that is relevant to the focus of the particular board.

Bulletin Board Resources from TeachSimple

Sweet Pumpkin Fall Bulletin Board Kit

This décor kit for a Fall bulletin board is not grade specific. You will find bunting and board banners, as well as the option of three sayings. You can use the gnomes and pumpkins for the students to color and cut out.

Autumn picture and task set

This is a set of blank cards that can be used on your Fall bulletin board. It’s aimed at Kindergarten to Grade 1 and is a great opportunity for the kids to color in the images. You can use it to teach about Fall and increase their vocabulary.

Bulletin board kit

The idea behind this kit is to lay around with unusual colors for Fall. It is a set of letters, pumpkins and leaves that can be printed, then colored. They can be enlarged before printing, because there is a PNG of all letters and images and PPT of the same.

Autumn alphabet clipart set

To create words and phrases on your bulletin board, use this resource with A – Z in upper and lower case 0 – 9 in numbers. You’ll also find most punctuation marks and commonly used symbols.

Autumn positive mindset bulletin board kit

This is another resource that offers decorations for your Fall bulletin board. You’ll find all the letters and leaf elements to print.

Autumn’s calling bulletin board kit

Leaves, trees and letters to decorate your Fall bulletin board are available in this resource. You can play around with them to find the size you need and print at a print shop or on your own printer. The students can have fun coloring them in.

Pumpkin patch Fall bulletin board kit

This resource offers four options for Fall bulletin boards. It includes banners (bunting and border), a truck, pumpkins and 3 lettering options.

Fall bulletin board décor

In this resource pack, you’ll find four different bulletin boards featuring Autumn leaves and focusing on kindness. This includes a bunting banner, board banners, gnome leaves and lettering.

Ideas for Fall Bulletin Boards from other sources

Falling in love with learning (from PreSchool Ideas)

Why not encourage your students to Fall in love with learning in Fall? This is quite a quirky bulletin board that shows the rich colors of Fall. You could add a personal touch for your class by getting the students to color the pumpkins and even write their names on them.

Fall in love with learning (from DIY Cuteness)

Here is another version of a ‘Fall in love with learning’ bulletin board. The little pumpkins along the bottom could represent each kid in your class. You could also stick a picture of their faces on their own pumpkin.

Welcome to our pumpkin patch (from Tacky the Teacher)

With the bulletin board, you can take the students’ involvement with the content one step further, when they create their own pumpkins. Perhaps set them the task of making the most crazy pumpkin.

Welcome to our patch (from Little Learning Corner)

Here you have an alternative to the idea of the class as a pumpkin patch. Give each student the template of a pumpkin to color in and write their name on. They could also create the leaves as part of an art project.

17 little pumpkins sitting on a fence (from Little Learning Corner)

You would, of course, change the number in the title of this board and the number of pumpkins for your class. It would be great to make this a 3D bulletin board, with a fence cut out of cardboard. The kids could decorate their pumpkins with seeds and other things from nature, for a different look.

We’re nuts about Fall (from DIY Cuteness)

The idea that ‘We’re nuts about Fall’ is a little pun, that may be appreciated by higher grades. In fact, you could turn it into a teaching point. On the other hand, the board is just cute and will be a way for the students to see themselves in their own acorns.

We’re nuts about Fall (from Tacky the Teacher)

And another version of ‘We’re nuts about Fall’. This one is full of color, most of which are unusual for Fall. However, they make it very cheerful and just a little unusual. The colors could also allow the students to have fun by choosing whatever color they want for their acorns.

Preschool is Applesolutely Fun (from Nyla’s Crafty teaching)

It is highly unlikely that your pre-schoolers will understand the pun on ‘ applesolutely’ on this bulletin board, but it’s a little touch of fun for the parents too. What is great for the students is the many, many opportunities to get creative by making their own apples and leaves. And even pumpkins.

The cutest pumpkins in the patch (from Little Learning Corner)

With this idea for a Fall bulletin board, you would ask the students to create what they think would be the cutest pumpkin. They could take inspiration from pictures of themselves as kids, which would make the exercise more interesting.

Looks who’s hiding in the Leaves (from California Casualty)

This is such a cute Fall bulletin board, with the idea that there is a bit of a treasure hunt to find the kids in the leaves. Even more than the pictures, the students can create a leaf for themselves, onto which they stick their picture. If you are feeling very creative, you can make the pile of leaves truly 3D and literally hide the students’ pictures inside, so they have to go looking physically.

Happy Fallidays from (California Casualty)

Using the students’ handprints as the leaves makes this bulletin board perfect for involving them in important parts of class. You can extend this if they choose a product for the basket. They can draw it, color it and cut it out. Then the fruit can all be stuck to the board. You may need a bigger basket, though.


This bulletin board says so much, even though it is not busy. The tree, with an abundance of leaves, is Fall, but the focus of the board is on being grateful. What a lovely Fall bulletin board to fit in with the season, but to remind the students of what is important. They could create their own leaves to fill in the blank space on the board. They should each write something they are grateful for on their leaves.

Teamwork leaves us smiling (From Art of It)

On this bulletin board, there is a pun in the title that the lower grades won’t understand, but middle and higher grade students will. They can even learn about this fun use of language and come up with some puns themselves. They can also get involved in groups to create parts of the bulletin board. After all, it is about teamwork.

Happy Fall y’all (from Mungfali)

This is such a cool idea for a bulletin board that it has literally grown beyond itself. You can twist butcher’s paper to make the tree itself. The students will have great fun creating the spiders, leaves and pumpkins.

Happy Fall y’all (from Teaching Expertise)

The expressions on the pumpkin characters’ faces somehow seem to go perfectly with the heading. This is quite a simple bulletin board, which relies on the pumpkin heads. Let your students’ imagination go wild when they create their own heads.

Happy Fall (from Nyla’s Crafty teaching)

Give thanks (from California Casualty)

This is a lovely bulletin board to highlight being grateful, with a Fall theme. The background looks like the side of a barn, which goes with the idea of harvest in Fall. You could add some crops, such as pumpkins, to emphasis this even more. Perhaps the students can write things they are grateful for, or which make them happy, on their pumpkins and then add them to the board.

Welcome to Fall (from Nyla’s Crafty Teaching)

Sometimes, you can take a gentle step into Fall, which is what this bulletin board does. There is a blend of green and early autumn colors for the leaves and the colors suggest harmony.

We are having a ‘hoot’ this fall (from Tacky the teacher)

This is a colorful, impressive bulletin board which uses Fall colors to represent the season. In higher grades, the students can have fun creating everything, including the tree. For lower grades, I suggest creating the basic board and encouraging the students to bring real leaves as decorations.

Colors of Fall (from Little learning Corner)

This board can only be created at lower grades. Make it a rich, creative learning experience for the students to draw, color and cut out their own trees. The students will see themselves represented every day when they look at the board.

Fall is a hoot (From Chaylor And Mads)

This bulletin board has a specific focus. You can use the look and feel for different purposes in your class. Creating the owl can be a very good interactive group work activity for the class. Divide the class into groups. Give each group a large template of an owl and materials they can use to color it. You can even encourage the students to name their owls.

Falling leaves (from Eastunders Creations)

This bulletin board has a lovely, 3D look and has a lot of potential for an effective display in your class. You could encourage your students to bring actual Autumn leaves for the board. They can also color them on paper and cut them out. I suggest leaving the frame blank. You can add and alternate pictures, little stories, or quotes throughout the Fall.

Look Whoooo’s in 1st Grade! (from Mrs T’s first grade class)

You can use this idea for a great Fall bulletin board. The simple outline of the tree will be easy to produce. I suggest adding some orange, red and brown leaves between the owls. Give each student a template of an owl, which they should color. An alternative is for the students to use leaves and other natural elements to create a collage to fill in the template.

We are thankful for…( From Juxtapost)

This is one of the loveliest, most creative trees you can create with your class. You can make the trunk and branches of the tree as simple as you wish. The board is ultimately all about the hands. You can let the students have fun with these. They can make prints of their own hands to cut out, or they can cut out a hand template. Each student should write a message on their hand, depending on the banner you use for the bulletin board.

Welcome Autumn! (from Tippy Toe Crafts)

This bulletin board just looks comfortable. It is a project that you can use to involve the whole class. With higher grades, you could draw the outline of the tree and get the students to color it in. With younger grades, you may need to produce the tree. Students in all grades will have fun producing their hand prints for the leaves.

Bulletin October farm scene (from Simply Erin) Board 27

This is a rich bulletin board, with quite a lot going on. This makes it a great resource for your classroom. You can use it for a whole lot of activities in class. The students can write stories about the people in the town. You could use the scarecrow as a template for worksheets and they can create their own. You can also find stories about creatures living in a tree to read to them.

Happy Fall, y’all! (from Apples and ABCs)

There is so much spirit in this bulletin board. The colors, the message and the tone are cheerful and will make the students feel welcome in your class. You can make it interactive by asking the students to make their own leaves and then sticking them onto the board.

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly? (from Polka Square Design)

The message on this bulletin board is what makes it most special. ‘What if I FALL? Oh, but my darling, what if you FL?’ is something inspirational that the students will find value in every day. When you create the bulletin board, I suggest involving the students in cutting out and coloring in the leaves.

When it comes to creating a Fall bulletin board, you really do need to use the familiar colors of browns, oranges, deep reds and dark yellow. This doesn’t limit you, though. Let your imagination go and use this beautiful season to involve your students as much as possible, and as regularly as possible, with the bulletin boards.