Interactive bulletin boards are a great way to get students thinking, engaged, and excited about a topic, and encourage class discussion. Many interactive bulletin boards engage students in lessons by incorporating games, facts, jokes, and puzzles. We have compiled 51 great interactive bulletin board ideas for you to try in your classroom this year.

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What Makes a Good Interactive Bulletin Board?

To make a good interactive bulletin board, you’ll need an idea that is interesting and engaging for your students to interact with. They should be attractive and visually appealing but they also need to allow teachers and pupils an easy way to add materials and change items on them throughout the lesson. 

Many good bulletin boards involve pupils creating materials that their classmates will then interact with. Some of the ideas below are incredibly simple for you as a teacher to set up, and your students will enjoy the responsibility of making up the board themselves. 

Examples of Interactive Bulletin Boards

Morning Brain Boost

With this interactive bulletin board, students get to create questions to an answer you provide. This is a great way to encourage students to think and write as they explore various topics like plants, animals, science, and more. Vibrant colors will make this bulletin board a great addition to any classroom or learning environment.


This whole-class coloring board is a great addition to any classroom and is a fun way for students to relieve stress and focus on positive things in their lives.

Incorporate the enjoyment of word searches into your classroom with this interactive bulletin board. Play with it all year long and change it up to match new subjects. An engaging way to practice spelling and vocabulary.

Keep Track of Travels

A great way for students to share their travel adventures, this interactive bulletin board can feature a map of the United States or the world. Students can add pictures and bits of information about their trips to different locations on the map. It’s also great for social studies teachers, who can use the board to teach about different landmarks.

Venn Diagram

This Venn interactive bulletin board makes a great display to help children learn the difference between things. It can be used for virtually any topic to show how to sort things into sets based on what they have in common and how they differ. Using hula hoops makes it easy to create this project, and you can use them again by removing the labels and having students place them back in the correct areas.


Show off your super-creative side with this amazing Wordle game interactive bulletin board! It’s a fun way to engage your students and make learning a bit more interactive. It can be used during literacy lessons or to fill a few spare minutes at the end of the class.

Kindness Is Contagious

This interactive bulletin board encourages your pupils to recognize desirable qualities in their classmates and post on the board when they see one they like. This will encourage kindness within your class and create a more positive atmosphere overall. 

Make a Mistake

A fun way to get students thinking, the mistake bulletin board is a fun way to let students practice math skills and comprehension. Put problems on the interactive bulletin board that contains a mistake and allow students to work them out. Some mistake problems can be solved easily; others may take some investigation. This is also well suited to spelling tasks. 

Who’s Who

This is a great interactive bulletin board to help your class get to know each other, as well as thinking about how we identify ourselves and others. Each pupil puts the answers to the same three questions on the board, and the rest of the class have to guess who’s who. This task can be done over a number of weeks, and you could add information as the weeks progress, to make it easier.

Be a Detective

Help your students channel their inner Sherlock Holmes with this detective interactive bulletin board. You can change the riddle every day or every week depending on how keen your class is. This helps develop problem-solving skills and critical thinking.


This very detailed interactive bulletin board is a brilliant resource for literacy with younger learners. 

The board contains houses for each vowel sound and spelling pattern, and as students are reading during class time when they come across a certain sound, they write it on a sticky note and add it to the board. This is a truly interactive bulletin board that can be adapted throughout the year as their spelling progresses. 

Take What You Need

This unique, personalized interactive bulletin board is a great way to boost positivity in the classroom. Put up a few messages at first, and then let students take what they need from the board whenever they need to hear words of encouragement from their peers.

Tug of War

Looking for an engaging interactive bulletin board project that touches on opinion writing and can be used again and again? Tug of War will have your students showing their thinking in no time. Prepping the board takes less than 5 minutes, but can be reused with different questions each time.


Record student progress in an innovative way with this Superbowl bulletin board. Designed to be interdisciplinary, you can teach your class the rules of American football while monitoring their behavior, homework completion, or anything else you wish. This could be adapted for any number of different sports, depending on what you are teaching at the time. 

Would You Rather?

This interactive bulletin board is sure to get your students talking and laughing in no time! Ready to add new questions to your board? Ask the student to come up with some new ones in their groups. 

Mitten Match

Encourage your students to practice recognizing letters, numbers, sight words, and more with this interactive matching board. This is a fun way to practice letter/number recognition, and fine motor skills, as well as recognize various colors and shapes.

Pocket Full of Synonyms

Encourage your students to use less common words with this excellent interactive literacy bulletin board. In the front of the ‘pocket’ write an overused word, and inside put a few suggestions of synonyms. When pupils are completing a writing task, they can go up to the board from some suggestions to make their writing more original.

Who am I?

Another excellent resource for upper school pupils, this interactive bulletin board can be used at the start of a topic to test their prior knowledge, then again at the end as a revision exercise. 

Pin the map

Make the world come alive for your students with this map interactive bulletin board. Post a world map and have students place a pin in any location mentioned in the books they read.


Race to the finish line with this innovative idea which will be fun for kids of all ages! Laminate the mazes and provide dry-erase markers for kids to use. Students will love racing each other to the finish line with this easy interactive bulletin board.


The Bingo interactive bulletin board is a fun and effective way to get kids excited about completing various tasks or taking part in an assignment. Challenge them to fill in the grid with several different tasks, such as a writing prompt or book to read, and see who wins!


Another sports-themed interactive bulletin board that will make math feel like fun!  Students split into two teams and take turns answering math questions (or any other subject) and trying to beat the other team. For full instructions on how to play, follow the link below.

Guess the Song

This interactive bulletin board will encourage your students to recognize a variety of sounds that make up music. They can play the snippets on an instrument or tap out the notes to see if they can guess the mystery song.


Finally, a bulletin board that will inspire your students to read! Give each student one of the bookshelf pages and each time they finish a book, they can color it in for a bonus point. They are excited to earn their next prize and see how many points they can earn. This is great motivation for them to keep reading through their summer break.

Shark Bites

This ocean-themed bulletin board is a versatile display that can serve a number of uses. There are many examples here, including spelling, organization, and lunch choices. Each one uses visually appealing sharks with fish, and by laminating them and using dry wipe markers, you can change up this bulletin board on a daily basis. 

Famous Failures

Posting a famous failures bulletin board will be a great reminder for your pupils about persistence, hard work, and the importance of not giving up. If you are trying to instill a growth mindset in your pupils, this is perfect. By learning about famous people who suffered setbacks before their big break, pupils will learn that hard work is more important than instant success.

Color Sorting

This Color Sorting Bulletin Board is a great way to give your students a fun and easy way to practice a skill you’ve been working on in the classroom. Younger children can sort things by color or size while older students can sort things more suited to their ability level. 

Words With Friends

Turn this classic word game into a bulletin board in your classroom, to allow your students to practice literacy while having fun. Leave a dictionary nearby so that pupils can check each others’ answers. 


This coding bulletin board is a great way for kids to practice the basics of coding, or just start learning how. It only takes a few minutes to create and you can update it with new challenges every week.

Music vs Poetry

This bulletin board is a fun way to pique student interest in poetry. Challenge students to determine if quotes are from famous poets or pop groups and help them relate poetry to their own lives.

Valentine Volume

Combine your Valentine’s lessons with math, to have your students learning about volume while having fun too!

Currently Reading

This literacy bulletin board is a great way to track which book your pupils are reading. Students will be excited to see the progress you make in their personal reading. It’s a great way to get them to read more, but it can also encourage responsibility and accountability!

Parking Lot

The ‘parking lot’ bulletin board is the place where your class can ask you their ‘burning questions’. This interactive bulletin board will give your students a place to put sticky notes with questions they have about the material you’re covering, and you can easily go through the notes every day and respond to their questions.

Guess the Figures

This is a great ‘game’ bulletin board that can be used to coincide with a huge number of topics you are covering throughout the year. Each student makes up a sheet for a famous person, including a drawing and some fun facts, and the rest of the class has to guess who it is.


This bulletin board makes a great ice-breaker at the start of the year, and will appeal to older students who are obsessed with social media! Students guess the book based on the tweets written by their classmates on the birds. This can be adapted ti suit any subject or project. 

What R U Reading?

A reading chart more suited to older learners, this bulletin board will give student accountability, as well as giving peer recommendations via the star rating system.

Lift the Flap

Lift the flap and learn! Write just enough on the front of the flap to interest them, and they’ll have to lift it to learn more. Lift-the-flap cards are useful for so many different bulletin boards!


Your class will love interacting with this fun bulletin board that gives them a chance to share their opinion on lots of different subjects.  Pupils themselves can decided what to take a poll on, giving them a sense of responsibility . 

Random Act of Kindness

This is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate the 17th February’s Random Act of Kindness Day in your classroom. This bulletin board allows students to carry out an act of kindness for someone else, and also write about their experiences. We suggest that you try to get a photo of them carrying out the act, which can then go up on the board too!


Sudoku is a fun, easy-to-learn strategy game that can be used in the classroom to keep kids busy. Pupils can play the game if they finish their work early.


This bulletin board will be a great fit for a history classroom or any history topics you are covering with your class. Create a background image that fits your topic, then create cards detailing different events that took place. Pupils need to pin up the events in the correct order.


The perfect bulletin board for Thanksgiving, this is really easy to set up too. Pupils each fill in a card with something they are thankful for, and the cards are hung up and numbered. Each day, turn one card over and read it out to the class. 

Word Flowers

Another lovely literacy bulletin board for younger learners, these word flowers are a great way to learn word families, and can be combined in the spring or summer with learning about different flowers!

Rainbow Rhyming

A great kindergarten literacy activity, this bulletin board is stunning visually as well as educationally. Children learn rhyming by matching the rainbow to the cloud it rhymes with.

Question of the Day

Another form of class voting, this bulletin board asks the students to answer a question every day. The easiest option is to make all of the questions yes/no answers, bt=ut if you want to vary it, you could adapt the board to include more options. 

Where Is The…

This is a great bulletin board that teaches prepositions to your class. The theme can be pretty much anything that matches the topics you are teaching, allowing for interdisciplinary learning throughout the year. 

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day in February gives you the opportunity to teach your class how shadows work. For Full instructions on how to set up this bulletin board, follow the link below.

St Patrick’s Day Math

Combine your lessons on St Patrick’s day with some numeracy practice!  Pupils can write out their sums on the four-leaf clovers, leaving one leaf empty for classmates to write the answer. 

Rise Up

Collaboration is key in any successful team, and this bulletin board idea can help your students learn the value of teamwork through a fun display. Each student will make a balloon about one way they like to help others or a time when someone helped them. This activity can be done individually and then compiled as a class. After creating the balloons, the whole-class balloon arrangement can go up on the board in an ‘Up’ style display. 

Catch the Literacy Bug

This eye-catching bulletin board can be used for a number of different literacy topics. The original board was intended to teach Braille, you can amend it to suit whatever you are teaching in your classroom. 

Who Am I?

A great bulletin board to use as an end-of-term game, or to tie in with one of your topics. Create a description of a number of famous people, and pupils guess who they are. Getting the pupils to make up descriptions for their classmates to guess will make this even more interactive.

Final Thoughts

Interactive bulletin boards are an excellent way for teachers to increase student engagement in the classroom. The range of topics and activities that can be covered is truly limitless, from math problems and word puzzles to history and science, interactive bulletin boards can serve as a fun, entertaining way to supplement classroom lessons.