Bulletin boards are a perfect way to decorate your classroom while providing value to your students, and a bee bulletin board is a great theme to choose. The bulletin board is an excellent place for students to show off their work and create stimulating environments. 

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What Makes a Good Bee Bulletin Board?

A good bulletin board must have several key features. It should be bright, colorful, and inviting. The bulletin board should also have plenty of space for posting notes and announcements and various sections for different types of information.

Choosing the colorful theme of bees means that your bulletin board will stand out and be the room’s focal point.

If like most teachers, you love a good play on words, then a bee bulletin board is your perfect opportunity to have some fun! Replacing ‘be’ with ‘bee’ should give your students a chuckle, as long as they are old enough to understand the joke, and it won’t hinder their spelling abilities!  

If you need another excuse to have a bee-themed bulletin board in your classroom, World Bee day is the perfect reason! 

May 20th every year is World Bee Day, a day to celebrate bees, their importance to our ecosystem, and their conservation. 

You can use your bee-themed bulletin board to create a discussion around the importance of bees and display student work on the subject. 

Examples: Bee Bulletin Boards

Welcome Back Bee Bulletin Board

Coming back to school after a long summer holiday can be daunting for many children (and teachers!), and a welcome bulletin board is a great way to make your new class feel welcome and set the tone for the coming term. This board is an excellent idea for starting on a positive note, and the individual bees make a unique alternative to name tags.

End of Year Bee Bulletin Board

An end-of-year bulletin board is a great way to incorporate a bee theme into your classroom. This example uses a great bee pun and is a lovely way for students to reflect on their school year while providing valuable feedback about what they enjoyed most. An interactive bulletin board like this one is straightforward to put together, with the students creating the majority of the board themselves. 

Bee Bulletin Door Display

Bulletin boards don’t necessarily have to be inside the classroom, and this bee door display is a great way to welcome students into the class. The added benefit of a door or corridor display is that the rest of the school can be inspired by your bees, even if they aren’t part of your class.

Environmental Bee Bulletin Board

As well as a bee bulletin board looking fabulous, it can also be used alongside a project looking at the environmental impact of bees. Whether studying plant reproduction or how modern farming is reducing the bee population, your bulletin board can teach your class about bees while brightening your classroom simultaneously. 

Whole-Classroom Bee Theme

Who says you have to stick with one bee bulletin board in your classroom?! Many teachers have multiple bulletin boards in their rooms with different functionalities, so there is no reason that you can’t have numerous bee boards! Your pupils will subconsciously learn about bees wherever they look in the classroom, allowing you to come up with even more bee puns! 

Pupil Work Bee Bulletin Board

A great way to use your bee bulletin board is to display un-bee-livable work that your students have completed. Praising children for working hard is a crucial part of developing a growth mindset, and with bees being well-known for their hard work, this is a perfect match! 

Whole-School Bee Bulletin Board

There is no reason that your class should be the only ones to enjoy the bee-auty of your bulletin board. A bee bulletin board would be an excellent display at the school entrance to welcome pupils and visitors as they enter the building. You could even organize a multi-board presentation, with small bulletin boards from each class making up a huge feature board representing all students in the school.

Positive Mindset Bee Bulletin Board

A bee bulletin board is a great way to reinforce a positive mindset by having several ‘bee attitudes’ for the students to adopt. This can complement lessons on mindset that you may already be covering in class or can simply be a daily visual reminder to children to help them focus on positive actions. 

Valentine’s Bee Bulletin Board

Bee bulletin boards can be used throughout the year for seasonal events, and Valentine’s day fits perfectly. Honey jokes and ‘bee mine’ slogans will amuse your class, and making bees with love hearts for wings will be a fun craft task, whatever the age of your class!

Bee Bulletin Boards With Inspirational Slogans

The hard-working nature of bees allows you to use them to inspire your students with uplifting quotes. Displaying slogans in your classroom is a great way to give pupils a lift, and presenting them in bee form will make an attractive and functional feature for your classroom. 

Spelling Bee Bulletin Board

We couldn’t talk about bees without mentioning the most famous educational bee – the spelling bee! Students will already be familiar with this term, so introducing a spelling bee bulletin board with your class will be straightforward. You could either use the board as a scoreboard to show the students’ results or use it as a revision tool beforehand, with hard-to-spell words displayed on different bees on the board. 

Bee Bulletin Board FAQs

Should a bulletin board be filled with teacher content or student content?

Both teacher and student content should be included in your bulletin boards. Ideally, you want to have more student content than teacher though. 

Can I get bulletin board templates to make creating them simple?

Yes! At Teachsimple.com, we have several bulletin board templates that you can download as part of your monthly subscription. This Bee Kind Bulletin Board will look fabulous in your classroom!

Should a bulletin board be filled with teacher content or student content?

Both teacher and student content should be included in your bulletin boards. Ideally, you want to have more student content than teacher though. 

How often should I change my bulletin boards?

That is entirely up to you. A bee bulletin board is evergreen and can stay up all year round, or you can choose to introduce it in spring or to coincide with other events you are planning.

Final Thoughts

Bee bulletin boards are a great asset to any classroom. Using a bee-themed bulletin board can work in so many different ways, and the universal appeal of bees means that any age group will enjoy them. Have fun creating a buzz in your classroom!