In the midst of the winter doldrums, a Valentine’s Day bulletin board might be just the thing to thaw out the classroom! Valentine’s Day has always been a kid-favourite holiday, and students of all ages will enjoy celebrating it. Whether you simply want to add some seasonal decor to your room or create an interactive board that will integrate curriculum with the holiday, we’ve got the tips and inspiration for you.

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What makes a good Valentine’s Day bulletin board?

Bulletin boards can serve a number of purposes – displaying work, beautifying the room and creating a welcoming atmosphere, providing an info hub for students, parents, or the school community, or providing interactive work for students.

The best bulletin boards are those that are designed with a clear objective in mind and serve that purpose. How teachers use boards is a personal extension of teaching style. There is nothing wrong with a board that “simply” beautifies the room. AFter all, both students and teachers are spending the majority of their day in this environment and creating a welcoming and calming space is a worthwhile goal.

But bulletin boards can also go far beyond that. Think of that blank wall space as an opportunity to share something valuable with students. It’s an extension of teaching, a way to use the space to visually reinforce ideas, classroom values, information or procedures, or to provide a space for students to work independently.

The three main types of bulletin board are: display/decor, informational, or interactive, and each must be designed to its purpose and the needs of the students. The best boards take into account the board’s purpose, along with student needs, age, and level of understanding.

For example, boards for emerging readers should use plain fonts with less decor for ease of reading. Interactive boards should be placed in a space where students can easily access the board – this may mean a lower location on the wall for younger students, or a higher space that is out of the main classroom traffic for upper grades.

Many teachers feel the pressure to create the craftiest, most aesthetically-pleasing boards. But, the best Valentine bulletin boards aren’t necessarily those that use the most decorative elements. Further, with so many wonderful resources available to teachers today, patterns, inspo and templates are readily available. Beautiful, effective designs depend more on resourcefulness and knowing students’ needs than having the latest crafting machines.

To that end, we’ve pulled together a list of a few of our favourite Valentines Day bulletin board ideas to spark your imagination!

17 Valentine’s Day bulletin board ideas

Love Your Library board by Supply Me

This is a clear case of less is more. Simple folded paper hearts are grouped together in a swirl of color. This stunning display uses nothing but cardstock. Bonus points for including students in making the hearts – an opportunity to practise cutting and coordination.

Valentine’s Day board ideas by Crafty Morning

This DIY blog offers up a host of Valentine’s Day bulletin board ideas, many with templates, photos, or even video tutorials. A few of our favorites are the art and sensory ideas for the younger set, such as their “footprint hearts” board.

Read Me Maybe board by Erica Nunez

This pop-culture take on Valentine’s Day will be a hit with kids of all ages. Favorite book covers are displayed around letters spelling out the message “Read Me Maybe.” A simple, fun idea that students can get on board with by choosing book covers to include.

Valentine Book Hearts by Unstuff Your Library

We love this adorable idea, which works equally well for a library or classroom. Cardstock candy hearts display positive, humorous messages about reading. We’d love to see this display idea combined with a discussion or activity on puns or metaphoric language.

Blind Date with a Book display by Princeton Public Library

This display cleverly sets out to get students to check out new reading material. Books are wrapped and contain a short description of their “personality.” Students can open their book blind date to discover a new fave.

African Americans Close to Our Hearts board by Brandy Turman

We love that this board combines two elements of February in the classroom – Valentine’s Day and Black History Month. This board is simple to put together but impactful, with displays of hearts surrounding bios of famous African American figures.

Valentine’s Heart doodle Mobile by The Classroom Creative

This one of a kind display is created by students and linked to a lesson on using shape, line, and space to create art. The doodles make a great bulletin board centrepiece or can be hung from the ceiling as mobiles. Best of all, the board is made from common, on-hand items. 

Sweet Reads board by Lisa Stofac

This fun take on valentines candy features candy hearts with titles of students’ favourite books. Easy to make, and easy to combine with any reading unit or with book reports or show and tell.

Owl Always Love You board by Simply Sprout

Owls may not be traditional Valentine’s decor, but we couldn’t resist this student-made display of owl-themed art. A simple red background and paper tree show off students’ 3D collage owls – a perfect project whether you are talking about the art process, biology and animals, or both!

Board in a Book Valentine’s Day Lessons by Teach Simple

This colorful, printable bulletin board idea features student’s heart art, along with a book full of accompanying heart-inspired lessons for every subject for students in pre-K through 3rd grade.

I Chews You board by Learning in Wonderland

Student-made bubble gum machine art and candy hearts decorate this board, which displays student writing from the prompt, I Chews You. 

Valentine’s Day Math Center by United Teaching

This free resource comes with Valentine’s themed math activities for the pre-k through 1st grade set. Adorable heart graphics take kids through measuring and calculating, and the activities translate easily to an interactive board format.

Have a Heart Idiom Practice by Jennifer Findley

This complete Valentine’s themed unit focuses on idioms, with lessons and activities for 4th and 5th grade students. Materials can be used to create an interactive board or display 

Valentine’s Day Pizza Paper Plate Craft by surviving a teachers salary

It would be fun to do this Valentine’s Day pizza paper plate craft with them! It’s quite simple to complete, and you may use less messy markers instead of paint.

Kind Conversations board by School Counselor Blog

What better time to focus on emotional learning and concepts of empathy and kindness than Valentine’s Day? Engage students in creating these pastel candy hearts with encouraging messages and use the results for board or door decor.

Creative Classroom Door Decorations by One Creative Mommy

This mom blog is on point, with tons of cute ideas for door and bulletin board decor for every holiday and season. Check out the pictures of classroom doors with themes from Olaf (Frozen), reading, kindness and Minions, among others. The “Love Reading a Latte” idea is sure to be a hit with older students.

Valentine’s Sloth board by Kindergarten Korner

We have a feeling that this one won’t just be a hit with younger elementary students. Who can resist these adorable sloths? Each sloth contains a writing prompt and a template, and the sloth bulletin board kit comes with print-your-own lettering.

Valentines Day bulletin boards don’t have to be a chore. Use the opportunity to tie your boards into learning and involve students in helping to create a festive, warm classroom environment.