An elements, compounds, and mixtures worksheet is a great resource to have when teaching this chemistry topic to your class. Whether you are looking for a fill-in-the-blanks worksheet to use as you teach the unit or revision worksheets to consolidate and revise for a test, we have found a variety of resources to keep your students happy and make your teaching easier. Read on to see our favorite worksheets.

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What Makes a Good Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Worksheet?

Using ready-made worksheets is a great way to enhance your lessons without putting in a huge amount of extra work. Good worksheets for teaching this particular topic will likely have diagrams showing that elements only contain atoms of the same type, whereas compounds will have at least two different types of atoms joined together. Worksheets with color work particularly well here, as the pupils can tell at a glance the different types of atoms. If you only have black and white worksheets, you can always get the students to color in the atoms as you go through the lesson. 

12 Best Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Worksheets

A Complete Introduction to Elements and Compounds by Teach Simple

This comprehensive worksheet from Teach Simple is a great introduction to elements, compounds, and mixtures, as well as atoms and molecules. Ideal for your middle school class, this pack includes a PowerPoint quiz, a self-assessment activity, and three homework exercises. 

Simple Elements and Compounds Diagrams By Studocu

A simple worksheet to use after teaching the basics of elements and compounds, requiring pupils to identify elements, compounds, and mixtures from diagrams and names. Suitable for middle school pupils who already have a basic understanding. 

Elements and Compounds Matching Worksheet Liveworksheets

This matching-up worksheet is a great exercise for testing their understanding of elements, compounds, and mixtures. It can be printed off or used with a smart board. It also includes a relevant experiment which you could include if your wish. Suitable for grade 6 students upwards. 

Colored Molecular Diagram Worksheet By Teachit

This colorful worksheet uses molecular diagrams for pupils to work out whether each molecule is a compound or an element. The colors of atoms will match any molecular model kits you are using with your class, and the different colors will help pupils understand the concept of different types of atoms. 

Sorting Based on Chemical Formulae By Teachit

A nice simple worksheet to use alongside your teaching of elements and compounds. Includes an activity to sort chemicals into elements or compounds based on their chemical formulae. 

Complete the Definitions By Teachit

This revision worksheet has a matching exercise to test what the pupils have already learned about elements, compounds, and mixtures, completing the definitions of the keywords. Perfect for middle school students.

Multiple Choice Revision Worksheet By Scribd

This revision worksheet is mainly made up of multiple-choice questions, but also has some tables to complete to show their understanding of the properties of elements, compounds, and mixtures. 

Black and White Molecular Diagram Worksheet From Liveworksheets

This useful visual worksheet has lots of diagrams for pupils to practice distinguishing between elements, compounds, and mixtures based on the combination of atoms. It can be printed as a PDF or used with a smart board as an interactive activity. 

Elements and Compounds Revision Worksheet By Studylib

This set of 3 worksheets has a great mix of questions covering formulae, identification from diagrams, and everyday substances. Also comes with a marking scheme to save you from working out the answers, or to allow peer marking. 

End of Topic Revision Worksheet By Studylib

This comprehensive set of worksheets would be a great resource at the end of the topic, once your class has a thorough understanding of elements, mixtures, and compounds. It also contains questions about metals and non-metals and the periodic table. 

Additional Resources

If you are looking to enhance your elements, compounds, and mixtures lessons even further, these interactive resources will be perfect.

Elements and Compounds Dominoes by Teach Simple

These elements and compounds dominoes are a fun way to consolidate the topic once you have completed it. Pupils need to match either an exact match, such as the same formula or an answer to the question, such as a compound with 12 atoms. Your class will enjoy themselves while revising, and won’t even realize they are working hard! 

Elements and Compounds Escape Room by Teach Simple

This brilliant interactive activity is a fantastic way to revise your entire chemistry topic, including elements and compounds. The comprehensive pack includes a PowerPoint with instructions, crosswords, word searches a code breaker sheet, and dominoes. Pupils must solve the clues and save the librarian! 

Where to Find Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures Worksheets Online

We’ve all been there – you think to yourself, instead of making up some new resources, I’ll quickly find something online…then an hour later you are still hunting for a free worksheet that is good enough to use with your class. While good quality free resources do exist, they are few and far between, and finding one can often take longer than creating it yourself. 

Paid-for resources are likely to be much higher quality, but paying separately for every worksheet or activity will soon add up,  and websites often only show you a small preview of the resources before you commit, meaning you could be paying good money for something that is not the quality you need.

Teach Simple for Education Resources

Fortunately, Teach Simple solves both of these problems. For a small monthly fee, you can have access to thousands of high-quality resources that are made by teachers, including lesson plans, worksheets, games, and more. Your monthly subscriptions gives you access to unlimited downloads, and 50% of your fee goes straight to the contributing teachers. 

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Final Thoughts

Elements, compounds, and mixtures is a great chemistry topic that your class will enjoy, and these worksheet ideas will enhance your lessons and keep your students engaged throughout the unit.